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For Developers of Mercurial.Net

To become a developer on the Mercurial.Net project, please apply through the People tab here on CodePlex.

To be a developer on the Mercurial.Net project you will need the following:
  1. Visual Studio 2010 (I don't know if Express is enough)
  2. StyleCop installed
  3. FxCop installed
  4. Obviously, Mercurial installed

You will receive a user-account for the hosted Kiln and Fogbugz website at Fogcreek, where the issue tracker and main repositories are hosted.

Continuous Integration

The Mercurial.Net project has a TeamCity Continous Integration server set up.

This server monitors the repositories hosted on Kiln and pull down any and all changesets that are pushed to them. After pulling the new changesets, it will kick off a build, run unit-tests, and test the class library against a variety of Mercurial versions, to ensure everything still works as expected.

The TeamCity server can be found here:

Additionally, if the build breaks for any reason, the developers that were involved in the changesets that was just built (and broke) will be notified by email.

You can log on with the guest account for viewing, but as part of being on the project you will also receive a user account for TeamCity, as there are some features only available for registered users, such as notifications.

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